Grasping for remote maintenance in difficult-to-reach areas

Enable effective manipulation with HeroGrip™

Our grasping solutions are designed to tackle the most complex manipulation tasks. Our grippers integrates seamlessly with different types of robots, offering exceptional versatility. They can pick up a large variety of delicate objects and mechanical components, making it ideal for remote assembly/disassembly and maintenance. Integrated with the AI-vision of HeroEye™, HeroGrip™ enables smart manipulation solutions. Equip it on the HeroArm™ robotic systems for smart manipulation in highly constrained environments. 


One grasping platform for multiple objects

Soft and hard materials

Flexible materials for gentle manipulation of delicate objects or hard materials for specific mechanical components

Remote actuation

Remote actuation based on tendon-driven systems or pneumatic solutions based on the object to manipulate.


Enable smart solutions with AI and vision through HeroEye™



Custom grasping solutions based on your specific needs