HeroEye™- AI powered vision

Our camera platform for the most challenging inspection tasks

Discover the power of AI with HeroEye™

Harness the speed and efficiency of Nvidia Jetson Orin™ for Embedded High Computing and Artificial Intelligence. HeroEye™ is equipped with HDR functionality, executing AI algorithms even in low-light. Engineered to thrive in challenging environments, HeroEye captures and processes data with multiple sensors including RGB and IR thermal cameras, offering unparalleled precision and reliability for multiple inspection tasks.

Multiple Sensors

Ai Powered Technologies

Interchangeable Lens


One camera platform for multiple applications

3D Environment Reconstruction

Accurate mapping with sensor fusion technologies

Night Vision

Works in low light conditions and even complete darkness, using IR

Feature Tracking

Embedded AI algorithms for robotics applications. Use point clouds and custom optics for real-time detection.

Visual Servoing

Move in the environment using AI powered navigation systems and custom motion planners