Soft robots for hazardous environment

HEROBOTS is a startup company specialized in flexible manipulators and continuum robots to enable remote applications in constrained hazardous environments.

Software + Hardware

HeroSuite™ is our software platform for enabling fast and safe operations using complex flexible robots. It provides advanced motion planning, accurate control and realistic digital twin of robotic systems taking into account structural flexibility. With HeroSuite™, we improve the performance of existing or custom developed mechanical structures. Beside software, we are the provider of HeroArm™, our workforce of flexible and continuum robots suitable for a large variety of hazardous applications 

Simulation models

Control algorithms

Virtual reality tools

Embedded software and AI modules

Mechanical design

Electronic design

Robotic manipulators

Robotic grippers and tools


We Solve



We are committed to deliver safe and efficient robotic solutions for hazardous environments.

Herobots has received funding from Por Campania Fesr 2014-2020 - O.S. 1.1 - "Avviso pubblico Campania Start up 2020".